Testimonials: Roxane


Roxane is 24 and graduated from a double degree in international business from Kedge Business School in Marseilles, France and the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, USA. She is from Strasbourg, France.

“On day two at Focus Reports, I was already flying to Bangkok for my first project! Followed by Turkey, South Africa, Indonesia, Hungary, Singapore and currently in Mexico. In other words, Focus Reports enabled me to work, live and experience three new continents!”

“The most rewarding experience at Focus Reports has been to drive a project from A to Z: landing in a country where nobody knows you, adapting your strategy to the specific market and understanding the local culture to conduct a successful project!”

“After working 9-to-6 in an office where I felt useless and bored, I was looking for a first sales experience with international exposure and where I could actually make a difference. At Focus, you get the international factor, the sales (and the results!) and you get held accountable for it!”