Testimonials: Mathilde

Mathilde joined Focus in March 2018 and has worked on projects in both India and Portugal. Originally from France, Mathilde spent part of her childhood in Abu Dhabi – where she learnt English and discovered a passion for travelling – and holds a BBA degree.

“I joined the company at the end of March 2018, and on the same day I found out I was going to India for my first project. Finding out you are being sent to the other side of the world on your first day of work is such an incredible feeling.”

“I initially decided to join the Focus team because it sounded like the perfect job: challenging, exciting and with a lot of travel opportunities! My first experience has really been amazing and I realized this job is not only about travelling the world, but learning how to challenge and question yourself and never take no for an answer!”

“It is a really rewarding job as right from the start you are given a lot of responsibilities and the chance to work on your own to show what you are capable to do! You learn from travelling but also from all the Focus people coming from all around the world with their own stories and experiences to share!”