Testimonials: Koen

Koen worked for Focus from 2010 to 2013 in 12 countries, both as journalist and director, across the pharmaceutical, oil and gas and power sectors. Nowadays, when not working on photo projects, Koen handles the sales and international expansion of a coffee company in his native Belgium.

“I joined Focus because of the company’s curiosity and drive for adventure. For the first time, I discovered a unique way to meet top professionals in a variety of exotic locations, earn a rewarding living and experience new challenges every day.”

“There’s an exceptional spirit in the company, a ‘Focus spirit’. The people you live, work, sweat, cry and celebrate with…they are friends for life. And of course, which 20-something wouldn’t be proud of meeting an exceptional number of top government officials and business leaders?”

“This is not a job for a later point in life. All too often, we’ll come up with excuses, or sometimes good reasons, not to move around, not see new places, not dive into the unknown. Do it while you can!”