Testimonials: Brandon


Brandon is 27, from Billings, Montana in the USA, and has a Bachelors Degree in International Politics from Georgetown University.

“I have been working for Focus Reports since May of 2016; my first project was in Hungary, where we were based out of Budapest. I then traveled to the UAE, splitting my time there between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Most recently I was in Manila, Philippines for five months and now currently am in Dublin.”

“The most rewarding aspect of working for Focus, generally speaking, has been learning how to best adapt to the widely-varying business cultures I have been exposed to. Not only does this make every day interesting, but I also know it will be a very valuable skill to have in the future as well.”

“I have learned more working for Focus than it is possible to list, but what stands out the most is the importance of being tenacious. Almost every day you are in situations where you are the only one who can move an objective forward, and you need to have the ability to understand that and take advantage of it.”