Testimonials: Andrey

Andrey, originally from the USA, worked for Focus from 2010 to 2014 and is currently a management consultant in Paris.

I was a kid just out of college and they flew me to Chicago and put me up in a nice hotel and told me to wear a suit and they challenged me for two days, they asked me what newspapers I read and how I handled rejection. They told me to get a visa to India and then a visa to Russia, and when my mother found out she started crying and told me they would certainly use me to launder money. My ex-girlfriend suddenly missed me. God, it was exciting.”

“The most rewarding part of the job was of course the traveling. But more important was learning the art of the pursuit. The way Focus approaches a market is the way everyone should approach everything. Identify who is who. Figure out why they should care. Solicit them relentlessly. Chat first, then sell. One door opens another. Adjust fast and often.”

“After Focus, you become the real, live ‘citizen of the world’ that they talk about in airplane magazines. Nothing scares you. I lived in 12 countries in five years – three after Focus. I have a job, even now, where I hardly speak the language. And a girlfriend, and a baby with a different passport than mine. I never came home.”