Testimonials: Alex

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Alex is 25, holds a BA Hons in Economics and Finance from McGill University, and is a native of Vancouver, Canada.

“I have worked for Focus for 2.5 years on projects in Mexico, Argentina, South Korea, Turkey, the Netherlands, Egypt, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland & Singapore… I think that’s it!”

“I joined Focus to travel, and for the challenge. I’m more naturally suited to working in a more technical capacity – having studied econometrics, finance, and political science. Focus was the only employment opportunity I’d really considered that was more about people and soft skills, and the opportunity to meet literally hundreds of extremely capable, impressive, and often inspiring business leaders was something I thought I’d learn more from than any of the other jobs I was looking at.”

“I’ve gone from being a fresh graduate with no work experience to being very comfortable interacting with business leaders and public officials – some of whom may be billionaires for instance – and making them understand that our project is worth their time.”