Our Markets

Our Markets

Thought leadership direct from the field


In an epoch where economies are becoming evermore entwined, we embed ourselves deeply within the most competitive markets in the world generating actionable intelligence and authoritative insights from the critical decision-makers spearheading industries of high strategic importance.

We situate ourselves at the very front-line of the globalization process where the business winds and investment flows are strongest and where technology transfer and application is at its sharpest.

Our theatre of operations encompasses advanced, mature western markets (Germany, France, Australia, Canada etc.); high-growth, populous turbo economies (China, India, Brazil etc.); and the next wave of newly emergent powerhouses (Mexico, Turkey, Eastern Europe etc.).

Our markets tend to be robustly capitalized and high-performance where talented business leaders congregate and corporate headquarters proliferate. They are the places where innovation abounds: the dynamos of the world economy.