Basics Tips on Research

Basics Tips on Research

The internet is a great tool because you can find plenty of information on it. But it’s also very dangerous because a lot of what you find is useless in the frame of your meetings.

This is especially true if in a non-native English speaking country, if the only source you use is google.com and/or the only language you use is English.



Yes, you need to look up on Linkedin, the company website and PharmaBoardroom to find info, but this alone is not sufficient.

Google is the obvious, but probably not always the most efficient. First, try the local version, also set up Google so that only the results in your language show…

But don’t stop there and always go the extra mile to find the stories that are truly useful. For this we recommend that you

  1. Identify the key local economic newspapers, magazines, TV, Radio and websites in that country
  2. Identify the key local B2B publication. If you have a doubt or trouble identifying these publications, ask the association, or locals about a couple of good ones
  3. Use the local version of google and set the parameters so that results are returned in the country’s language. (Then use the right click button to get pages translated into English if you do not understand that language)

Finally, do not hesitate to ASK the company itself for press kits, with latest speeches, news releases etc… That’s what their communication services do!

(When doing PIPs, do not hesitate to collect company brochures, internal publications etc)



Online translators are always a pivotal tool in your research. Run the name of the company + key words in English, but also in the local language.

Use it to translate the search results and the articles you have found.


Key Words Can You Use

The obvious

Name of the company, name of the interviewee.

Then other key words can be combined

Country, Investment, Interview, News + year, News, Speech, Presentation, Results, Product launch

Do not hesitate to try three-way combinations, switching them etc … you will sometimes be surprised.


Different Alphabet

Now comes the tricky situation where not only you do not speak the language, but on top of it the alphabet is different. We suggest that you do all the previous, but then also try the following trick. Use translate.google.com to localize the name of the company and or that of the CEO.

This is very easy, just type the name of the company (and of the CEO) in the “to be translated box” and tick the language you want it in. google does the rest.

Pfizer becomes

Пфицер in Russian

Πφίζερ in Greek

பிபிஸிர் in Tamil

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