About Us

About Us

Elevated Content
Business acumen from CEOs
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Focus Reports delivers up an engaging mix of insight, opinion and market intelligence straight from the corporate boardrooms of some of the world’s most high performance economies. Operationally embedded within high value-added business verticals in which technological innovation, geo-strategy and trans-frontier investment collide, our exclusive reporting shines a spotlight on the latest market dynamics from around the globe.

Providing detailed country-themed snapshots from the very heart of their respective industries, our flagship publications – Healthcare and Life Sciences Review and Inside Oil & Gas – generate elevated content to inform critical business decision-making.

Through our ideas hubs and peer-to-peer online platforms – PharmaBoardroom.com and EnergyBoardroom.com – we cultivate dialogue and exchange between industry leaders, translating local stories into global conversations.

Owing to long-standing partnerships with some of the most prestigious trade journals – Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine and The Oil & Gas Financial Journal – our readership extends over five continents. Connecting brands with people, we unlock the very regions that drive and shape the world economy. Our mission is to foster a flatter, more globalized world where thought leadership and cross-pollination of ideas can flourish and thrive.