Blog Archive: July 2013

Simple Rules about Transcripts

These are simple rules to remember whenever you are doing a transcript. With those in minds you'll make the life of the readers easier, improve the impact of your transcripts and save time.[...]

Key Words/Tags for Pharmaceutical Reports

This is the list of Key Words that will be central to our tagging strategy in PharmaBoardroom , It is also very important that you use them for your introductions and questions in transcripts. This way readers can automatically identify[...]

No Nos of Transcripts

Learn what you should NEVER do in a transcript ![...]

Yes Yes of Transcripts

In this post you have a few bullet points of what should be done in a trascript to make it understandable and easily usable by users.[...]

A few examples of commented transcripts

Regularly we will post some problems that we have encountered with your transcripts here. This is a good way for you to improve and share this info with everyone! (Don’t get upset if your transcript was chosen)   1.      Question[...]