PharmaBoardroom Releases New Spain Pharmaceuticals Report

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The new ‘Healthcare and Life Sciences Review’ on Spain, available today on for free download, looks beyond the headlines of the Eurozone crisis that rocked the Spanish economy in 2009, and the austerity measures that followed, …

PharmaBoardroom Releases New Chile Pharmaceuticals Report

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PharmaBoardroom’s new Healthcare and Life Sciences Review on Chile, available  today for free download, looks into how the country’s new ‘Ley de Farmacos,’ or Drugs Law, which was passed by Chile’s former government in January 2014, and is … Releases New ‘Inside Oil and Gas’ UKCS report

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EnergyBoardroom’s brand new ‘Inside Oil & Gas’ report on the UK continental shelf, available today for free download, investigates the efforts currently underway to de-risk projects both in operations and financing, in order to build a sustainable …